Mindful Insight Coaching Model

The Mindful Insight Model offers individuals and groups a process to move towards living with greater insight, compassion and authenticity.

By cultivating Mindfulness, deep self-awareness is possible. Self-awareness allows us to access insight. Most of our lives are spent in distraction and seeking for something outside of ourselves, to help us with the disconnection we feel inside. With Mindfulness, we learn to recognize and allow our experience as it is. We learn to befriend and turn towards our emotional landscape with curiosity. Authenticity arises, moment by moment, as we start tuning in with greater self-acceptance and compassion for ourselves and our experience. We are

no longer "surviving life" lost in thought and emotional reactivity, but learning to "live life" present and embodied.

Important to note: With Mindfulness we are not saying that one state is better than the next – some days we are living in limited awareness and are reactive. What we are learning instead is to recognize when this is happening. We then have a choice to skillfully transition into a more

spacious and coherent way of being, before we react or act out, harming ourselves and others in the process.


Life impacts on us as we live attached to our roles and defences.

Emotionally reactive and lost in thought.

Self-sacrifice and
Rigid, chaotic and unmanageable
Ego-centric, closed, judgemental and critical
External awareness
Limited insight
Denial and avoidance
Drama and control
High Sympathetic Nervous System activation
Fight,flight or freeze system
Low self-acceptance
Living in the narrative or story of our lives – past and future
Automatic pilot lost in thought

How do we make the shift from Limited Awareness to Expanded Awareness?

This Model incorporates Mindfulness, which is the simple act of paying curious and non-judgmental attention to this moment. Once the mind stabilizes and settles we then can start recognizing what is present and develop insight into our experience. We learn how to shift our FOCUS into a more ALERT and adaptable state,

moment by moment.

Techniques initially explored:

Breath Awareness, Body Awareness, Awareness of Thoughts, Feelings and Sensations. Self-regulation through Heart Rate Variability Training. Insight through Incisive Questions to assist us to recognize

and allow whatever is arising.


We impact on life gracefully as we learn to live authentically and embodied in this moment.

Emotionally responsive and grounded in presence.

Flexible and adaptive
Open, willing and honest
Compassionate, attuned and embodied
Subliminal awareness
Panoramic insight
Able to recognize and accept our experience
High Parasympathetic Nervous System activation
Soothing and contentment system
Living in the moment with expanded self-acceptance and compassion
Conscious awareness of our direct experience grounded and present

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