“Your reflections as teacher are so lovely and so profound.  Thank you SO much. What comes across wonderfully is that you were teaching from deep inside the program, inside both its individual parts and inside its wider themes.  It made me wish I had attended your sessions myself as a participant! Your images of being able to be 'a vessel of holding and listening', to 'sit in the fire and not move' because of what you yourself had experienced - and because you had worked with it so skillfully in the past - this is such an awesome gift to give to your participants and to the world. I am deeply grateful for your reflections and all the work that you put in to making it a course that was imbued with deep love and care. And when I saw in your message “I would love to continue I say: YES, YES please.”

- Mark Williams

“I became aware of the importance of honoring everybody's capacity for healing and transformation, and to trust mine......I am deeply thankful for the teachings of the past 8 sessions, and would like to thank  Mark Williams for sharing his teachings via Mandy Johnson with us all.  Remarkable teachers, humble, compassionate and wise.  I big bow to Mark, Mandy and to the group.”

“Mandy’s wise and compassionate leading of our circle made it very easy for all of us to express our vulnerability, to ourselves and to each other. We held a beautiful space of nurturing and non-judgement, which is just the most magnificent place to be. THIS is what the world needs more of.”

“I would like to make special mention of Mandy’s sacred holding of our space. Our weekly Monday meetings were filled with grace and compassion, and actually became the highlight of my week. Mandy’s living commitment to and expression of this work is a shining example to us all, and she made each of us feel so welcome and so safe. Not only that, her training and years of experience in her work make her profoundly suited to what she does, and she faithfully, carefully, compassionately and kindly mirrored back our learnings to each of us after we expressed ourselves, with great care and attention. I feel so blessed to have met her and worked with her.”

“I think it’s the best course I have done - and a lot of that praise goes to you and the amazing energy you use to hold us in such compassion and love. I think the world of you Mandy and grateful we are working together. Please tell Mark, I think this is a true masterpiece and such a beautiful journey. I think he is certainly onto the right thing here - thank him dearly for the opportunity and my willingness to support him in any way he might need. Huge love”

Thank you very much for the professional way in whcih you presentented our mindfulness sessions on Thursday and Friday. It was clear that you were very well prepared and your execution was faultless. most importantly you radiated warmth, kindness and compassion - the kind of reception that we all needed desperately. Thank you so very much for your sepcial attention to me in particular. It felt like you were holding up mu arms. I apprecite your open heart. 

Pippa Louw - University of Stellenbosch

Nordic Light Properties completed the Mindful Based Corporate Resilience Program with Mandy. “As a team we found Mandy to be extremely passionate and knowledgeable in her practice. She was always positive and at the same time realistic in her approach and coaching of us as ‘new comers’ to mindfulness. Mandy offered encouragement, without judgment. We found the outline well suited to our organisation, as a team we felt it helped in stress reduction, had a calming effect and improved focus. The main objectives achieved were coming back to the present, being grounded and responding as opposed to reacting. NLP would highly recommend the MBCR programme to all corporates regardless of the organisations size.”  

CEO Nordic Light Properties

the knowledge and insight that I have gained from attending your coaching sessions has basically given me hope to continue my life. My therapist commented just today about how much stronger and wiser I've become from my time spent with you. I told her that just knowing the basic facts about my co-dependency has allowed me to stop the cycle, even if other people cant. I am strong enough without that person's attention, be that attention positive or negative. Each day I learn more about my co-dependency and each day my will to put a stop to my old cycles grows in leaps and bounds. Words can never describe how grateful I am that we met, you are naturally caring and have a way to put someone at ease immediately; you were able to connect with me on a level that not many people are allowed to see.

- Kate

I have been thinking about my coaching experience and I think if I had to sum it up into two words I would say it was "life changing". I absolutely loved every moment of my coaching. There were hard times because I had to deal with certain issues, but for me it was a life changing experience. I have learnt so much about myself, learnt how to deal with different people in my life or who come across my path. I have also been able to deal with past hurts and disappointments. I looked forward to going each week to meet and discuss things. Some weeks I felt it was my lifeline. I loved the fact that I was able to completely relax and be 100% open and never ever feel like I was being judged. I think one of the most important things I leant was to look at a situation, take a step back and look at what was really happening and not just go on what I felt. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have helped me with.

- Clare

I am a recovering drug addict with a little over 8 years in recovery. I sought help from Mandy with regards to trauma that began in early childhood and continued through 20 odd years of active addiction. This post traumatic stress resulted in huge difficulties for me in living life and in having healthy relationships with others and myself.
I have found Mandy to be instrumental in helping me overcome the painful core issues that were preventing me from living a healthier happier life. Mandy has provided a safe and trusting space which has allowed me to be vulnerable and honest with her and thus bring out and heal the hurt and shame from my past which included physical , emotional and spiritual childhood abuse and being shot and jailed .
It has been a wonderful experience to be coached by Mandy and with great empathy and compassion she has been able to validate my experience and guide me in a healing process and in teaching me tools to deal daily with issues that trigger me emotionally and cause me to behave in ways that I would rather not.
I am hugely grateful to Mandy for the relief she has provided me and would strongly recommend her to others who need help in their struggles in life

- Tony

Mandy Johnson has been my recovery coach for approximately 10 weeks. She has helped me tremendously both with her coaching and her new techniques, which she has taught me. I was not in a great way when the coaching started and my mental health has really improved a great deal. She has a unique manner in that she listens and understands your issues and she can relate to them. This I found has been far more effective than previous counselling that I have had.

- Tebogo

I also would like to thank you for all you have done for me  so far. Your kind, gentle and encouraging words. You have no idea how much I appreciate you. 

- Craig

I met Mandy Johnson over a month ago when I had literately reached the end of my emotional line. I went to her seeking advice, counselling, guidance and personal coaching with regards to co-dependency and addiction. During my first session with Mandy I immediately agreed to enter into a Mindfulness Coaching Contract with her as she touched on and made me aware all of the issues that I am currently experiencing in my own personal day to day happenings.
After 15 intense years in the corporate industry I decided to resign myself from the chaos and focus more on myself and my purpose in this life. Mandy is teaching me how to approach every decision that I make from a mindful standpoint. I am learning how to be more aware of my surroundings, my thoughts and my emotions, both as separate entities and as a combined unit. There have been moments where I do still revert back to my old habits but thanks to the Mindful Coaching program I do find that I am now more aware of the old habits and I no longer allow the negative forces attached to those habits to consume me anymore.
I am still at the beginning stages of my recovery and am being taught that there is no deadline to this journey as each day brings with it new adventures as well as new challenges. Other than making me more aware of my constantly busy thoughts (and emotions), I find that The Mindful Coaching program is helping me deal with my challenges from a fully aware, fully conscious internal capacity. I no longer push my fears and insecurities onto those who love and care for me and, for the first time, I am taking responsibility for my thoughts as my thoughts are my actions.
My intention is to continue this journey with Mandy as she teaches me a new discipline every week. I find that talking to Mandy about the events that I experience throughout my week helps relieve a lot of the tension and anxiety that could be associated with different scenarios. Mandy is taking me on a journey of mindful wonderment and I am falling in love with my life and myself through her on-going patience and mindful coaching.
Living in the present moment and being fully aware of my thoughts and emotions is such an incredible experience and I find that I am increasingly fascinated with the person I am growing into. Fears are now approached with mindful amazement as I am more aware that nothing is permanent; not even our thoughts - Marijke

Just wanted to let you know, you have played a significant role in helping me navigate my way in the world in an aware, compassionate and intentional manner as a person and professional. THANK YOU.