"Based on published studies, mindfulness appears to be effective in reducing levels of stress and increasing levels of resilience and emotional intelligence. It raises the level of self-awareness and awareness of others; it increases interpersonal sensitivity and communication skills. It lowers rates of health-related absenteeism, leads to increased concentration and extends one’s attention span. it reduces impulsivity and improves one’s capacity to hold and manipulate information. It lowers levels of psychological distress and raises levels of well-being and overall work and life satisfaction”

The Mindful Workplace| Michael Chaskalson

Many organisations today, find themselves facing increasing complexity. Business has changed. It is fast paced and unrelenting. Employees are bombarded at every turn by media messages and a culture of “sweat the asset” permeates most companies today. Directors find themselves operating in an environment of increasing competition, shrinking profits and endless competitor innovation. Technology only serves to drive this trend of non-stop connectivity and fuels the growing demands placed on individuals to perform and their optimum. Some employees feel stretched, burnt out and anxious. Many managers are simply in survival mode. In this mode, managers and employees alike, are robbed of their flexibility, sense of humour and ability to deal with the unknown. The pandemic has added an adtional layer of complexity. The future seems uncertain and the ground beneath our feet unsteady.

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How Introspect can assist stressed employees in organizations: