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Once our self-acceptance and self-love begin to develop and take hold, we are then ready to consciously practice simply being ourselves without performing in certain ways calculated to gain another's approval & love. But awkwardness and a feeling of great vulnerability come over us when we are just being rather than doing, and to stop performing feels at first like being frozen. Finally, in time, our genuine loving impulses have a chance to be heard & felt and to assert themselves.
- Robin Norwood

Introspect Coaching helps you to understand co-dependency. New perspectives are developed and explored, as we work together. This approach frees you from the stifling and self-esteem damaging idea, that you are somehow inferior or defective, bad, sick, stupid or crazy. The condition is treatable. In recovery, you learn that you are simply wounded and that behaviours are learned, mostly experientially and to some extend cognitively. Co-dependency arises out of a dysfunctional family and societal system. Learning new behaviours and ways of being, can assist you in recovery. Instead of trying to please others and seek validation outside of yourself, you learn how to listen more deeply to your own inner voice.

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