A 10-Week Course: Adult Children and Codependency Discovery Group | ONLINE ZOOM

Thursday's 2022 - 6.00 – 7.30 | R3900 includes, workbook handouts and meditation downloads + pre-course interview.
*Please contact me for details of the next course: 0825684806 or

The aim of this support group is to help people deepen their recovery through exploring emotional sobriety and cultivating deeper self-care and compassion. The essence of emotional sobriety is good self-regulation. Trauma-informed mindfulness practice is offered in a short format at the start of the group to support enhanced self-regulation. Emotional sobriety is an important next step in recovery. This group is designed to support understanding, to better equip you in overcoming compulsive thinking and addictive/compulsive behaviors.

"Adult children" refers to anybody who grew up in a home with a personality-disordered or alcholic parent or where an additional pattern of self-disempowerment arose as a result of the child having to adapt from an early age to a tyrannical, inconsistent, and invalidating environment in their family of origin.