Introspect Mindfulness Based Coaching:

Sessions focus on identifying the issues, skills development, emotional intelligence, cognitive distortions, stress and anxiety management. Mindfulness is explored and developed. This coaching approach examines what is going on under the surface and how that shows up in life. The sessions allow for opportunities to practice interpersonal skills that enhance your relationships in life and at work.

Individual Sessions: R650 per session

Couples Sessions: R800 per session

Venue: 74 Regent Road, 103 Gibraltor House, Seapoint. Parking in the Checkers Centre


Introspect Codependency Recovery Coaching/Couselling:

Sessions focus on Co-dependency. How does it show up and sabotage us in the moment. How do we behave in more bounded ways and communicate more assertively. The sessions also identify self-care and self-soothing as a way of overcoming dysfunctional ways of being in relationship with others. We identify what a codependent relapse looks like and how to avoid this.

Individual Sessions: R650 per session

Venue: 74 Regent Road, 103 Gibraltor House, Seapoint. Parking in the Checkers Centre


Mindful Resilience and Stress Reduction Coaching Programme:

Resilience and Stress Reduction Coaching including biofeedback training and devices used for specialist sessions to develop the capacity for improved heart rate variability(HRV), which in turn leads reduced reactivity and rumination. This enables the client to learn skillful self-regulation and to identify what it feels like to live in coherence and balance. We learn more about depletion and renewal, stress response and its impact on our physiology and brain.

The coaching contract is signed for a 6 week period. (6 X 1 hour sessions)

Programme Cost: R 4200.00 per programme includes biofeedback training, cd and workbook. 

Venue: Gibraltor House, Office 103, Seapoint. Parking in the Checkers Centre

What is HRV?

HRV measures the difference in the amount of time between each heartbeat. There are two ways to measure HRV: Amplitude or how much variability and pattern.

Variability - This is measured in 10-second cycles. The more, the better. The goal for people under 50 is 20 beats of variability. After 50, this generally reduces to 10 beats of variability.

Pattern- If you were to plot the variability between heart beats on a graph, you would want the graph to show smooth sign wave patterns - the smoother and taller, the better.

What are the benefits of increased HRV?

High HRV correlates with many positive vitality and health signs, as well as increased happiness and positive emotions. At higher HRV, blood pressure and thermoregulation begin to normalize. Brain synchronizes with the heart, creating better performance on cognitive tasks and increased reaction time.

Increased HRV is good for mind, body and emotion enhancing overall quality of life.

Can HRV can be improved? YES.

There are two primary ways to increase HRV:

Breath: a consistent breathing cycle of 5 seconds in and 5 seconds out will help you achieve increased HRV

Positive emotions: the second way to increase HRV is to access positive emotions such as appreciation, calm, ease and joy.

What is Biofeedback?

Biofeedback is the science of recording mind body signals, and using this information to modify thoughts, emotions, and breathing. No two of these signals are exactly the same, and you need a device more sophisticated than just taking your pulse to determine it. Those who exhibit greater HRV tend to live longer and enjoy life more.

Biofeedback technology for practice

Up until now, biofeedback technology was in the hands of experts, where a professional had to interpret your results. From those results, you would then learn how to regulate breathing, thoughts, emotional states, and so on. However, in theses sessions I use meditation/biofeedback technology in a game format that lets you know how you're doing. When practicing, I use a ear sensor. The Iom energy translator (sensor), interprets your signals.

We also use HeartMath’s inner balance trainer to enhance HRV training and results.

Wild Divine Technology: IomPE (Personal Edition) |Tara Brach Ph.D Programme - Practice at my office or purchase

Experience profound transformation by training your attention to decrease stress, cultivate inner calm, expand wisdom and enhance creativity.

This programme offers technology and real time results.

A "mindfulness meter" lets you instantly see your state of mindfulness.

You will receive feedback during the session and also a general evaluation at the end of the session.

IomPE techonolgy makes this possible:

I use the latest IomPE Biofeedback Sensor which is a scientific instrument that functions as an alternative input device.

Combined with Wild Divine software by Tara Brach, the best possible mind body training experience is achievable.

The feedback allows participants to learn meditation and mindfulness more skillfully, especially if they feel very scattered and distracted.

Outcomes of training sessions:

These valuable skills allow for:


“Just after a few days, I've discovered my breathing has been fairly shallow in the past. The breathing exercise is great and has helped me to be more conscious of breathing better! From what I can tell so far, this biofeedback system will be very beneficial overall. It's entertaining, holds my attention and has been really fascinating at times. “

“I am a retired psychotherapist and have experienced many therapies that did not quite live up to the hype. This use of biofeedback is engaging and a great technology to use in working with stress reduction and mind-body-spirit integration.”

 Reference: Wild Divine


Mindful Recovery Five Month Group:(Wednesday 6.00 - 7.30)

Please note: Thia group is only available to delegates who have completed an 8 week Mindfulness Programme

The primary purpose of this long term group is to provide a setting in which the issues of co-dependence emerge spontaneously. It's value lies in the fact that group members discover themselves behaving inside the group much as they do in "real " life - being distrustful, controlling feelings, sacrificing their own needs, revealing only carefully chosen parts of themselves and covering their feelings with politeness. Through this process it is revealed that these maladaptive ways of coping reflect habitual and unconscious patterns the group becomes a laboratory for experimenting with alternative behaviours in a safe space. A group setting allows for tremendous learning potential. Self-evaluation is encouraged in a safe, accepting and supportive environment. This facilitates transformation and self-awareness. Ultimately, this allows for improved interpersonal skills and the ability to create and maintain more healthy and satisfying relationships with others. Listening to each other's experience allows us to develop wisdom and insight.

What you will learn:



Maximum 15 per group - closed group

R600 per session  | 5 months | Total cost R11 000.00 | Medical aid available

Individual's personal circumstances will be considered

Venue: 5th Floor, Seapoint Medical Suites, Kloof Street, Seapoint

Co-facilitated with Toni Shaked a Clinical Social Worker in Sea Point 

Email me for futher information: only open to 15 people (

Mindful Corporate Resilience Programme 6 week course: (on-site)

The training has been designed over 6 modules. Each module is a stand-alone, however, they are designed to build on each other, to allow participants to deepen their understanding and to familiarize themselves with formal and informal practices.

The modules include:

Outcomes of Training = Real Results:

Mindfulness enables people at all levels of the organisation to function at their most optimal. Some of the world's leading companies offer their staff classes in Mindful Meditation. They are Yahoo, Google, Comcast, Apple, Unilever, Raytheon and eBay. The trend is on the increase.

Specific workplace effects cited by evidence-based studies include:




R3500 per delegate

What previous delegates have said:

"I am calmer, don't react as much as I used to and am less aggressive (sometimes)!"


"I have become more willing to expose my vulnerability. less judgmental of myself and others"


" I learned more about myself, my feelings and being in touch or acknowledging them also about my own vulnerability and pain - being able t observe the emotions and becoming acutely aware of my inner critic"


"I learned to feel safe & "just be" with my emotions - breathing has helped me accept the emotion"


"These are essential skills for living - I and less self-critical and more patient with external things"

Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention (MBRP) 8 week course:

Mondays 5.30 - 7.30

Please note: Partial medical aid remuneration available

Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention (MBRP) is an eight-week series of two-hour sessions, teaching a mind-body approach developed specifically for people recovering from alcohol, drug & process addictions. MBRP combines research-supported and clinically-proven methods combining Relapse Prevention Therapy and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), which is the work of Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn at the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. The goal is to teach mind-body methods that support sobriety and prevent relapse. A recent outcome study has shown that MBRP is an evidence-based approach.

MBRP is a structured series of sessions with specific content; each session teaches mindfulness meditation, breathing, mindful movement and cognitive-behavioural relapse prevention strategies.


Course held every quarter. Fridays 5.30 - 7.30

Minimum 10 people maximum 20

R5300 (includes 28 hours of training, refreshments, CDs, handouts)

Individual's personal circumstances will be considered

Venue: 7 Albany Road, Seapoint

Time: Mondays 5.30 - 7.30

*Next Course commences MONDAY 22 JANUARY 2018 - Bookings now open.

What previous delegates have said:

“I don’t struggle now as the mindfulness journey I am on is so rich and compelling.   I still have issues and some compulsive/ co-dependent behaviors to deal with which are underlying addictions. But by practicing mindfulness I am now able to bring these into acute awareness, gradually become the observer of them and so begin to let them go.” 


“ Mindfulness is absolutely beneficial. It provides a new way of living which brings considerably more joy and fulfillment than any drug could. It is also a tool for life, enabling me to manage stress and difficult situations in a much more effective way.” 


“I also appreciate the ordinariness of life. The magic of reality. And that other people are interesting. Less judgmental, more open-minded. Loving kindness towards others is much more rewarding, although it sounds cheesy. I have not mastered loving kindness to myself, yet, however. A long journey still to travel. “ 


“ I think the skill and character of the facilitator is as important as the philosophy. I have found that being able to attend weekly sessions with recovering addicts, which are professionally facilitated, is essential for me.”


“The awareness you have of how negatively we treat ourselves, what we project on others and situations because of our addiction is so powerful. I am not a deeply religious person, but I am a spiritual person and I’ve found that the Mindfulness practices and support group help me to ground myself in that belief. The practices are achievable and they have a meaningful difference the more you engage with them.” 


“I remember my intention in the loving-kindness meditation practice is to feel loved and to connect because I felt a hole and loneliness and I remember feeling this feeling of warm glowing amber in my chest and just feeling completely connected and loved and coming out of that practice I was so proud to be alone.” 


“Some of the words for the compassion meditation I have now incorporated into my daily prayers which I do regularly. The compassion meditation itself was very hard at resistance to give compassion to most I chose my cats......but also to myself was incredibly hard. I could always see myself as this dirty unwashed unkept child who hides away from the compassion and love. She still does actually - she is a little more curious though almost as if she is peering out now to see what it's all about this "this love and compassion."

Mindfulness Based Family Programme (MBFP) 8 week course:

Tuesday 5.30 - 7.30

Please note: Partial medical aid remuneration available

 This course is best suited to family members of addicts and alcoholics including adult children of alcoholics, as well as individuals dealing with co-dependency. The programme is also designed for those members of the family who feel overly responsible for others, particularly those who struggle with anxiety, depression and other challenges.

Living with addiction or mental illness can put family members under unusual stress. Normal routines are constantly being interrupted by unexpected or even frightening kinds of experiences that are part of living with the uncertainty. Family members often start behaving in ways that are compulsive and increasingly attempt to rescue or fix the addict or other.

MBFP is a structured series of sessions with specific content; each session teaches mindfulness meditation, breathing, mindful movement and cognitive-behavioural relapse prevention strategies.


Course held every quarter. Tuesday 5.30 - 7.30

Minimum 5 people maximum 20

R5300 (includes 16 hours of training, refreshments, CDs, handouts)

Individual's personal circumstances will be considered

Venue: 7 Albany Road, Seapoint

Time: Mondays 5.30 - 7.30

*Next Course commences TUESDAY 23 JANUARY 2018 - Bookings now open.

What previous delegates have said:

“I am now able to express my thoughts and feelings honestly without fear and not anticipate disaster”


"It was valuable bring able to come into a safe space as a codependent and learn I am not the only one”


“The weekly reading and exercises were so relevant to my life”


"One of the most enriching and beneficial course I have done in a very long time – a refresher will be a good idea”


"I learnt to take care of myself by putting boundaries in place”

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction 8 week course -

Wednesdays 5.30 - 7.30


Please note: Partial medical aid remuneration available

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) is an empirically-supported 8-week psycho-educational group intervention that teaches mindfulness meditation as a health intervention. Jon Kabat-Zinn created it in 1979. MBSR offers participants the possibility to develop a different relationship to stress resulting from chronic physical and psychological illnesses. Research outcomes have demonstrated positive outcomes for both physical and psychological symptoms, as well as changes in health attitudes and behaviours. The 8-week programme includes formal guided practices as well as mindful movement/yoga. It is incremental and each session builds on the next. Participants are asked to commit to 45 minutes of practice a day. The course is co-facilitated with Dr Danielle Klemp. 


Course held every quarter. Wednesday 5.30 - 7.30 

R5000 (includes 28 hours of training, refreshments, CDs, handouts)

Individual's personal circumstances will be considered

Venue: Waldorf Michael Oaks School, Kenilworth

*Next course commences Thursday 19 January 2017 - bookings now open.

What previous delegates have said:

“Learnt to practice loving kindness on a regular basis is its own reward and increases self-esteem. Learnt that people are interesting, if I don't make prejudicial judgments.”


“The mountain mediation for me was a changing point - the course gave me a sense of the possibility of my inner strength. I also learnt that as much as I think I have problems, people who I thought were more perfect than me, also had their own challenges. So we are all human and I must try to be more kind and gentle with myself.”


“I enjoyed spending time with the group and experiencing the shifting relationships that happened with the other participants. Having time to practice in the weekly groups was very helpful in enhancing my understanding and enjoyment of the various activities.”


“Having given myself permission to place something important to myself as a priority was fantastic. I as a result of many of the mindful practice, was able to manage any anxiety and did not actually experience it at all until I stopped in the final week. Good to have seen how effective it actually is! Realizing that ONLY I block any form of self care is essential to continuing to give myself permission not as a luxury but rather as a necessity to be able to function at my best.”


“The manner in which the course was presented etc was great. I enjoyed the variety of activities and also the sharing from the other participants. Good to hear other people not enjoying and giving me something as a reference point for my thinking.”


“This was a wonderful experience and I will recommend it to those close to me as well as some of my clients.”

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction - | OPEN FOR BOOKINGS NOW FOR THURSDAY 25 JANUARY 2018.